Civil Litigation

A Civil Claim is a lawsuit between two or more parties dealing with torts and/or contracts

Employment Law

You may be eligible for termination pay and severance pay when you are terminated.

Family Law

Here at Johal Law Firm, we will help communicate promptly to navigate all your family needs.

Landloard & Tenant Board

Johal Law Firm has expertise in the rules and procedures of the LTB and can assist Landlords in evictions and reclaiming any money due to lost rent or damages.

Personal Injury

Johal Law Firm provides services for Workers Safety and Insurance Board Claims, Canada Pension Plan Disability Claims, Long-term Disability Claims

Real Estate

At Johal Law Firm, we have a committed team of real estate professionals handling not only residential but also commercial deals.

Small Claims

Private claims valued at $35,000 or less are disputed and determined in the Small Claims Court. Johal Law Firm is an expert in the Rules and Procedures of the Small Claims Court.

Wills & Estates

Wills are an essential document to be written before death. Without a Will, your assets may not necessarily end up going to the people you thought they would.


Johal Law Firm has extensive knowledge in regard to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board claims.